About Shay

Shay Myers created Finance for the Culture as an educational platform to bridge the gap between finance and community. She uses empowerment and humour to dismantle the fear of finance. Shay teaches money mindset, budgeting, credit/debt management, investing and insurance through customized financial planning, financial literacy workshops and mentorship. She went from having $200 to her name in November 2019 to building multiple 5-figure funds in under 2 years because she learned how money worked. Shay has mentored over 150 clients and hosted over 75 workshops and collaborations, including partnering with University of Toronto, Queen's University, Bradford High School, Manifesto Toronto and RISE Edutainment among others. She's helped clients pay off over $100,000 in debt and helped 3 students get scholarships for post-secondary school. Her mission is to help people build financial confidence through accessible financial literacy.


  • Licensed Financial Professional and Educator
  • Specializes in Life Insurance, Investments, Debt/Credit, Budgeting, Financial Planning & more
  • 10 years of teaching & tutoring experience
  • Helped clients pay off over $100,000 in debt so far
  • Hosted over 50 financial literacy workshops and collaborations
  • Partnered with University of Toronto, Queen's University, Manifesto Toronto, HeyBlackGirlCa, Canadian Black Standard & more
  • Featured on TVO: The Agenda with Steve Paikin


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